Getting to know Diane…

Here is our “getting to know” Diane, we hope you enjoy,


My name is Diane.

What do you do at Hey Dolly?

I’m Kelsey’s mum and a partner in Hey Dolly. My main job roll is to sort out the financial side of the business. I also deal with the delivery side.

What is you favourite Hey Dolly item and why?

My favourite section of Hey Dolly is our dress section. I love our quirky bright coloured dresses. These are the things I like to dress in.

How would you describe your own style?

Quirky, bright and individual.

What made you want to be in fashion? 

My obsession for clothing has always kept me interested in fashion. Getting the chance to run my own business in an industry I love is perfect.

Which high street stores do you like to shop in?

My favourite high street shops are Top Shop and I love a little boutique.

Who is your fashion icon? 

I used to love Mary Quant when I was younger as she designed in bright colours. In today’s world I have great admiration for Victoria Beckham and her hard work and aptitude for business .

Which celebrity do you think has the best style? 

Victoria Beckham.

Describe Hey Dolly in 3 words. 

Vibrant, fun and vivacious.

Which styles do you think we will be seeing this autumn/winter? 

I can’t wait to launch next season, I see checks and autumn floral dresses and shirts.

Finally a few questions from the Hey Dolly Twitter account.
@lilbeki asks – What is it like working with Kelsey?

Really good, as she is my daughter she does as she is told.

@SweetRiotItalia asks – Will Sweet Riot be wearing Hey Dolly at Thorpe Park?

Maybe, I don’t think they have finalised their wardrobe for the performance as yet.

@cauchifthemmo asks – Will there ever be sizes bigger than a 14 for curvier people?

We are working on this, some of our summer range was larger than a 14 and our bikinis went up to a 16.

@NothinLikeEnya asks – Will your clothes ever be sold in stores?

One day hopefully!

@KirstyLauraLoo asks – What is the most popular clothing item sold to date?

Our best seller this year was the Ellie dress.

Well that’s it for our interview. We hope you enjoyed it. Next up we will be interviewing Kelsey so get your questions in via our Twitter account #AskHeyDolly

Until then xoxo